Foreclosure Resources

Foreclosure Resources

Get the important information you need, right here. Below is a list of informational material regarding short sales, foreclosures, and the other information you need to know to make a decisions. Feel free to download this material or if you would like to speak to an attorney, credit counseling service, or a CPA about legal or tax issues that rarely, but could come from a short sale.

In the past few weeks I have formed a team to help my clients, I believe this the single most important contact I have made and will give clients an added benefit working with us. When dealing with a distressed property, there is usually more than just a home involved, and there is help needed in many other areas. And that is why I have formed a team with Consumer Credit of Des Moines.

Consumer Credit of Des Moines is a non-profit credit counseling service dedicated to helping people regain control of their personal finances. Through their free, confidential credit counseling sessions and low cost debt consolidation programs, Consumer Credit can help you become debt free!

FREE no obligation consultations. No minimum or hidden fees.

Consumer Credit of Des Moines

6129 SW 63rd St,Des Moines, IA 50321
Ph: (515) 287-6428

IRS - Home Foreclosure and Debt Cancellation

Making Home Affordable
Ph: (888) 995-4673

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