Welcome to Slater! This town of 1500 people is located about 20 miles north of Des Moines, and 10 miles south of Ames. All the benefits of living in a small town are here in Slater, the safety and quiet areas make it a great places for all ages!

While Slater doesn’t have big retailers inside the town itself, there are many retailers a short drive away in either Ames or the Des Moines area. However, within the towns borders there are restaurants and other small, locally run businesses that fulfil the needs of Slaters residents while giving them the comfortable feeling that only a small town business can offer.

Despite its small size, Slater has a variety of entertainment options to offer. Slater is conveniently placed just off the popular High Trestle Trail. The town has plenty of family-friendly fun to offer, including tennis courts, baseball or softball fields, as well as a public swimming pool. In addition, it is located within 10 miles of Center Grove Orchard, as well as the entertainment of Ames.

The community of Slater comes together every year to put together some impressive 4th of July festivities. Despite its small population of 1500, thousands more come to Slater to enjoy the parade, fireworks, and other activities put together by the community! This is a tradition that has brought the town together almost from the time the town was formed.

We look forward to helping you find your place in Slater!

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